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Pin made in the Soviet Union. The text on the pin reads:”Yalta”. Yalta is a resort city on the south coast of the Crimean Peninsula surrounded by the Black Sea. Population: 78,171 (2021).
The city is located on the site of the ancient Greek colony of Yalita. It is said to have been founded by the Greek settlers who were looking for a safe shore on which to land. It is situated on a deep bay facing south towards the Black Sea, surrounded by the mountain range Ai-Petri.
During the 20th century Yalta was the principal holiday resort of the Soviet Union. In 1920, Vladimir Lenin issued a decree “On the Use of Crimea for the Medical Treatment of the Working People” which endorsed the region’s transformation from a fairly exclusive resort area into a recreation facility for tired proletarians. The town came to worldwide attention in 1945 when the Yalta Conference between the “Big Three” powers (Soviet Union, the United States and the United Kingdom) was held at the Livadia Palace.

Pin Soviet Russia City’s Yalta

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