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Pin made in the Soviet Union. The text on the pin reads:”Zheleznogorsk-Ilimsky”. Zheleznogorsk-Ilimsky is a town and the administrative center of Nizhneilimsky District of Irkutsk Oblast, Russia, located 478 kilometers (297 mi) north of Irkutsk, the administrative center of the oblast. Population: 26,079 (2010 Census).
It was founded in 1948, in connection with the beginning of exploitation of the iron deposits at Zheleznaya Gora (Iron Mountain). It was initially named Korshunikha , after prospector Shestak Korshunov who had discovered the Iron Mountain in the 17th century.
It was granted urban-type settlement status in the 1950s, after a period of growth following the construction of the western section of the Baikal–Amur Mainline, and renamed Zheleznogorsk (Iron Mountain Town). With the completion of a major ore processing plant, town status was granted in 1965 under the present name, the suffix “Ilimsky” added to differentiate from other towns of the same name.

Pin Soviet Russia City’s Zheleznogorsk-Ilimsky

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