Lenin Pin. There are some similair pins of this version of a Lenin Pin. This one is slighty smaller with no edges. One version is slighty bigger with edges. One version has no head relief and dark tints. And one version has a different angle of Lenin’s head and edges.
Lenin’s original name was Vladimir Iljitsj Oeljanov. He lived from 1870-1924. He was a revolutionairy and the first leader of the Sovjet Union.
His political and social ideas, known as Leninism, was based on the social ideas of Karl Marx, Marxism. After the october revolution he was the first leader of the Soviet Union and put in place the first communist party. His supporters were called the Bolsheviks.
It is assumed that Lenin’s alias was chosen from the river Lena. One of the longest river in the world.

Pin Soviet Russia Lenin No Edge

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