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Pin made in the Soviet Union. On the pin is the Soviet and Hungarian flag. Probably this pin is about Interkosmos. Interkosmos was a Soviet space program, designed to help the Soviet Union’s allies with manned and unmanned space missions.
It could be the Soyuz 36 space flight. Soyuz 36 was a 1980 Soviet manned space flight to the Salyut 6 space station. It was the 11th mission to and ninth successful docking at the orbiting facility. The Soyuz 36 crew were the first to visit the long duration Soyuz 35 resident crew.
Soyuz 36 carried Valery Kubasov and Bertalan Farkas, the first Hungarian cosmonaut, into space. They swapped Soyuz craft with the long duration crew and returned to earth in Soyuz 35; a later crew used their craft to return to Earth.
The flight was the fifth Intercosmos flight whereby guest cosmonauts from Soviet allied nations would visit the space station, typically for about a week. The flight was only the second time a Soviet mission had a civilian commander.

Pin Soviet Russia Space Interkosmos Hungary

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