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This is a hard to translate pin from 1983. It propably has got someting to do with reaching 250 million tons of material wich was dug out of a mine.

We have a winner! Big thanks to Austin from the United States who has provided information about the pin and he will get the pin for free. This is what he had to say:
It's from Kirov iron mines in western Russia, commorating 250 million tonnes of iron ore mined. The Russian text says "250 million tonnes of iron ore gathered in Kirov Iron mines" and the years represent how long it took to accomplish the feat. Looking at the satellite images of the region, there's a good deal of quarries around the western Russia and Ukraine region. Information on wikipedia as well as the Encyclopedia Britannica mentioned that mining has been going on in the area since the 18th century. Currently the mine in Kirov is owned by SUEK, who also operate similar facilities all over tho this is certainly not the original company that owned the mine and had this pin produced.

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