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After the First World War Yugoslavia became a kingdom in 1918 named: The Kingdom Of Serbs, Croats And Slovenes. Before that they were part of the Austria-Hungary empire. In 1945 after the Second World War, Yugoslavia became a socialist federation abolishing the Kingdom.
Yugoslavia was renamed in the Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia in 1946, when a communist government was established. In 1963, the country was renamed again, as the Socialist Federal Republic Of Yugoslavia.
Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia made up Yugoslavia. Josip Broz “Tito” was the big ruler, he was Premier from 1945 and President from 1953 until his death in 1980.
After an economic and political crisis in the 1980’s and the rise of nationalism, Yugoslavia broke up leading to the Yugoslavic Wars from 1991 until 2001 resulting in 130.000 deaths and often described as Europe’s deathliest conflict since the Second World War.

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