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This Yugoslavic pin is about the Relay Of Youth. This was a symbolic relay race wich was held every year.
The relay carried a baton with a birthday pledge to Josip Tito from all young people of Yugoslavia. The race usually started in Tito’s birth town Kumrovec and went through all major towns and cities of Yugoslavia. It ended in Belgrade at JNA Stadium (Yugoslavic People’s Army) on May 25, Tito’s official birthday and Day Of youth, a national holiday.
The first relay took place in 1945 (being a official holiday in 1957) and it went on after Tito’s death in 1982 and was last held in 1988.
This pin has got also a red, brown, black and white issue.
The video below is the arrival of the race at the JNA Stadium in 1982.

Pin Yugoslavia Stafeta

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