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On this pin is the name Tito present. Tito was the nickname of Josp Broz, meaning “marshall”. For decades he was ruler of communistic Yugoslavia.
On the pin is the text: “Day Of Youth”. The Day Of Youth was a national holiday on the 25th. of may, Tito’s birthday.
In that month a relay race was being held, starting in Tito’s village of birth and ending in Belgrade at the JNA stadium (now Partisan Stadium) on the 25th. A big show and parade was organised in the stadium. This happend every year.
This pin is from 1979. So it was the last parade Tito was present because he died the following year on the 4th. of May 1980. The last relay race was in 1988.
In the following video you’ll see a part of the show. At 9.50 you see the relay being presented to Josip Broz Tito.


Pin Yugoslavia The Day Of Youth

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