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Size: 59.5x42cm./23.4×16.5inch.

Topography Of Terror German poster, presumably from 1987. Books on the matter can be found but the poster is rare. Not an advertising poster for the book but the real exhibition poster In truly new condition. Between 1933 and 1945 the most important cases of National Socialist terror were on the site, which from 1987 onwards became known as the “Topography of Terror”. The Reichsführung-SS, the Security Service (SD), the Secret State Police Office (Gestapo) including prison and the Reichs Security Main Office were located in the area near Potsdamer Platz.
Today, the “Prinz Albrecht site” serves as a place of remembrance and with its permanent exhibitions it contributes to coming to terms with the terror regime. Partly destroyed in the war, rendered unrecognizable after the war’s end, by demolition and conversion and forgetting, a partially wasteland in the shadow of the Berlin Wall eventually turned into a Nazi crime documentation center that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

Poster DDR Topography Of Terror

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