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Size: 81x56cm./31.8×22.04inch.


Propaganda poster from Hungary from 1970. Against nuclear weapons. The top of the poster says:”Protect Yourself”. The bottom of the poster says:”Common Cause, Common Interest”. And:”The most important task of civil protection is to save human lives and goods”. The poster was made by Pal Gyorgy.
Pal Gyorgy’s (1906-1986) first posters appeared in 1927. From that time on, he designed numerous commercial posters. After 1945 he became a frequently commissioned poster artist, and he designed several propaganda posters during the 1950’s. He designed posters for the election campaigns of the ruling communist party, Népfront (People’s Front), which was the only political party at the time.
In the 1950’s his designs followed the strict socialist realist manner. He used the established visual elements: smiling workers, cheering crowds and symbols of the new regime: red star and flag, the new coat of arms of Hungary, sickle and hammer. The target audience of his posters was the workers and the peasantry: they depict everyday people in simple settings, with shrill colors.

Poster Hungary Original Nuclear Poster 1970 Pal Gyorgy

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