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Size: 55.5×39.5cm./21.8×15.5inch.

Etch made in Hungary with signature. Beautyful etch made about the 1918 Austro-Hungary strike.
The 1918 Austro-Hungarian January strike was a strike which spread across Austria-Hungary between January 3 and 25, 1918 demanding better living and working conditions and an end to World War I.
There had been strikes in early 1917 by Viennese workers in response to food shortages. However by the winter of 1917 the situation had got worse. However news of the Bolshevik seizure of power in Russia encouraged workers in Vienna and more generally across Europe to emulate their example with the demand that the war be ended or more strikes would be organised.
The strike in Hnagry was started by Budapest streetcar workers on the morning of 18 January. They were protesting about the ban on reports of the events in Austria. By noon the strike had spread across all industries, and 40,000 workers took part in fifteen different demonstrations which were prevented by the police from converging on the centre of Budapest. The Hungarian Social Democratic Party declared a general strike. The following day the strike spread to Nagykanizsa and Szeged.

Poster Hungary Original The January Strike 1918 Etch With Signature

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