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Size: 28x20cm./11×7.8inch.

Reproduction of a movie poster from a documentary ade by Mikhail Romm in 1965. The text on the poster reads:”Ordinary fascism". The reproduction is probably from the 1980’s.
The renovation of the world-successful Soviet documentary was directed by Mikhail Romm” This documentary film is about the German society, Nazi Germany government and Holocaust during World War II. Romm, in this film masterfully uses the means of expression editing, musical design, and journalistic language to describe the Nazi regime. It is through the counterpoint archival footage, voiceover and film music has such a strong emotional impact on the viewer.
A curiosity of the film is the fact that the narration was made by Romm himself. Initially, the filmmaker had sought a speaker for this job, but when his comrades heard working versions of the comments written by himself, he was advised to record his own voice-over. Finally, the comments by his peculiar vocabulary and intonation, became one of the main identifying features of the film.

Poster Hungary Reproduction Ordinairy Fascism

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