Size: 42×29.5cm./16.5×11.6inch.
Year: 1980

Poster made in 1980 in the Netherlands by the Chili Committee Netherlands. The text on the poster reads:”Boycot the Junta” and at the bottom:”Don’t buy Chilean Granny Smith apples”. The poster also came in came in green and in white color.
The solidarity movement Chili Committee Netherlands (CKN) was established in 1972 and declared it’s solidarity with the socialist regime in Chile under President Salvador Allende. The CKN wanted to raise awareness in the Netherlands for the socialist experiment in Chile. But the political situation changed in Chile and this culminated on September 11, 1973. On this day the socialist rule of Allende was bloody overthrown. The government palace was bombed by the air force, Allende died and General Augusto Pinochet seized power. The CKN organised on the evening of the coup an emergency meeting. From this point on, the committee would provide information about Chile and organizing support for the Chilean population.

Poster Netherlands Original Don't Buy Chilean Apples 1980

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