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Size: 56×38.5cm./22×15.1inch.

PvDA election poster from around 1980. The poster reads:”Tomorrow is too late for regret. Choos PvdA today” and beneath that “Choose for a different government”.
The Labor Party was founded on February 9, 1946 and is a merger of three parties: the Social Democratic Workers’ Party, the Liberal Democratic Union and the Christian Democratic Union. Since its establishment, the party has been continuously represented in the Senate and House of Representatives of the States General and has participated in thirteen cabinets for seven consecutive periods. Wim Schermerhorn (1945-1946), Willem Drees (1948-1958), Joop den Uyl (1973-1977) and Wim Kok (1994-2002) were Prime Minister on behalf of the Labor Party.

Poster Netherlands Original Election Poster PvdA, Labour Party

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