Size: 70x50cm./27.5×19.6inch.
Year: 1970

Poster from the Netherlands “Hunt A Car” made in 1970 by the Goblin Organisation.
The Kabouterbeweging (Gnome Movement) was a playful Dutch and Belgian protest movement and local political party from the period 1969-1974 around ex-Provos Roel van Duijn and Robert Jasper Grootveld. The movement’s criticism focused on issues such as consumerism, housing shortages and damage to nature and the environment.
The movement founded the Orange Free State on February 5, 1970. The borders of this state coincided with those of the Netherlands. The Orange Free State got its own (shadow) government complete with departments dealing with squats, shops for second-hand goods and organic food shops.
On June 3, 1970, the Gnomes, led by Roel van Duijn, participated with the Amsterdam-Gnometown party in the Amsterdam municipal elections and became the fourth party in the council with five seats. The group was notable for playful actions, such as smoking weed during council meetings and a new, phonetic spelling, but eventually fell apart due to internal conflicts.

Poster Netherlands Original Hunt A Car 1970

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