Size: 56×38.5cm./22×15.1inch.

Election poster from the PvdA (Dutch Labour Party) with the picture of Joop den Uyl. There is some damage on the poster.
Johannes Marten (Joop) den Uijl (1919-1987) was a Dutch politician of the Labor Party (PvdA). From 1973 to 1977 he was Prime Minister of the Netherlands. His surname was officially ‘Den Uijl’, but he always used ‘Den Uyl’.
Den Uyl, who came from a Reformed family and previously worked as a civil servant and journalist, managed the scientific bureau of the PvdA from 1949. He entered the House of Representatives in 1956 through the Amsterdam city council. After being a councilor in Amsterdam, he served in the Cals cabinet (1965-1966) as Minister of Economic Affairs. He gained his greatest fame afterwards: first as leader of the political group, progressive opposition leader and prime minister of his own shadow cabinet, then as prime minister after the 1972 parliamentary elections.
The Den Uyl cabinet (1973-1977) had a large parliamentary majority and was the most progressive cabinet in parliamentary history. The cabinet tried to combat what he believed to be inequality by means of government investments, tax measures and expansion of social services, but had to limit expenditure from 1975 due to economic headwinds. At the same time, as prime minister, Den Uyl had to deal with the 1973 oil crisis (which led to the introduction of the car-free Sunday), the Lockheed affair, the Menten case and the Surinamese independence. The cabinet fell prematurely due to the cabinet crisis over land policy.

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