Size: 31.5×21.5cm./12.4×8.4inch.

Poster Poland from the cold war era somewhere in the 1950’s. On the top of the poster is a globe covered with flags from around the world, and a text on the bottom: ”May 1″. Poster is signed on the down-left corner „Perkowska” and on the opposite side the text:”Warszawa DSP”. House of the Polish Word (DSP) was founded in 1950 and was the largest printing plant in the Polish People’s Republic located at ul. Miedziana 11 in Warsaw.
May 1st. is the worldwide Labour Day. Labour Day (or International Worker’s Day) is a celebration of labourers and the working classes that is promoted by the international labour movement, socialists and anarchists. Labour day was established in 1890 as an international protest day for demanding a 8 hour working day, labour rights and for keeping the peace.

Poster Poland May 1st. Labour Day 1950’s

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