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Rare and lovely poster dated 1955 by István Czeglédi, from the Socialist Realist period. The posters of Czegledi are very sought after and goes for hundreds of euro’s. This poster has been touched by time, so it has a rasonable price. This poster is rare because of the Arabic language version.
The poster displays the flags of the participating nations which are arranged in a flower, on top there is a colorful crowd of three young people from different countries in outfits typical of their culture. 
The advertisment was designed by Hungarian I.Czegledi but was printed in Germany (DDR) in various languages. This one is in arabic language inviting for the: „World festival of Youth and Students for peace and friendship Warsaw 14 July-14 August 1955.”.
The slogan “for Peace and Friendship” was very typical for socialist campaigns. During the Cold War period, the socialist countries called themselves “the defenders of peace” whereas they considered the West to be the agressive world which supports war thus making the contrast between the ‘good’ (East) and the ‘evil’ (West) even bigger.
The 5th World Festival of Youth and Students was held in Warsaw from July 31 to August 15 1955. The festival was to prove the superiority of socialism over capitalism. Thousands of young guests from all over the world came to Warsaw, including capitalist and Third World countries. For them it was an opportunity to get to know life behind the “Iron Curtain”, for Varsovians an opportunity to meet people from countries inaccessible to the citizens of People’s Poland.
Istvan Czegledi (1913-1995) designed his first known printed posters with Janos Sebes in the 1930’s, they worked together during this time. Czegledi worked during the late 1940’s and adopted the social realist style in the 1950’s. Most of his designs of this period show the strong influence of Soviet poster art. He worked together with Tibor Bánhegyi on many poster designs. Most of his posters were made for state propaganda.In the 1960’s Czeglédi’s style changed again, and he started to create modern compositions. He designed a lot of travel safety posters, often using the techniques (photomontage) the colours (red, black and white), and typical compositional tools of the classic Avant-garde.    

Poster Poland V Festiwal 1955 István Czeglédi

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