Size: 29x20cm./11.4×7.8inch.


Original handpainted painting of a Luna 1 spacecraft made in the 70’s. From a private collection. Beautiful done.  It is painted with ink and probably water paint to fill the colours in. It is painted on a smooth glossy paper where the edges are reinforced with a strip of paper. It is stuck at the corners in a sort of folder to protect them.
Luna 1 was the first spacecraft to reach the vicinity of the Earth’s Moon, and the first spacecraft to be placed in heliocentric orbit. Intended as an impactor on the moon, Luna 1 was launched as part of the Soviet Luna programme in 1959, however due to an incorrectly timed upper stage burn during its launch, it missed the Moon, in the process becoming the first spacecraft to leave geocentric orbit.
Luna 1 then became the first human made object to reach heliocentric orbit.

Poster Soviet Russia Original Handmade Luna 1 1959

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