Size Desktop: 24.5x9cm./9.6×3.5inch.
Weight Desktop: 211gr./7.5oz.
Size Medal: 7cm./2.7inch.
Weight Medal: 40gr./1.5oz.


The desktop ornament is made of plastic with a bronz soldier and made in 1984. The table medal is made of aluminium and made in 1985.
The city of Zaporizhia is located in the Ukraine. In WWII the Red Army blew a 120mx 10m hole in the Dnieper hydroelectric dam in August 1941, producing a flood wave that swept from Zaporizhia to Nikopol, killing local residents as well as soldiers from both sides. Since no official death toll was released at the time, the estimated number of victims varies widely. Most historians put it at between 20,000 and 100,000, based on the number of people then living in the flooded areas”. After two days, the city defenders received reinforcements, and held the left bank of the river for 45 days. During this time people dismantled heavy machinery, packed and loaded them on the railway platform, marked and accounted for with wiring diagrams. Zaporizhstal alone exported 9,600 railway cars with the equipment. Zaporizhia was taken in October 1941.
The German occupation of Zaporizhia lasted 2 years and 10 days. During this time the Germans shot over 35,000 people, and sent 58,000 people to Germany as forced labour.
In October 1943 the Red Army liberated Zaporizhia.

Set Of 2: Table Medal And Bureau Desktop Ornament Heroes Of Glory Zaporizhia

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