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Size: 85×35.5cm./33.4×13.9inch.
Weight: 18500gr./652oz.


Original statue from Hungary that has been restored at one point in time. Made from plasterand reinforced with steel wire. Man’s head was once broken off and repaired. The text on the statue reads:”The Hungarian people are grateful to the great Stalin 1949″.
Probably stood in the town hall. The original statue was made for Stalin’s 70th birthday in 1949 and was sent to him as an expression of the “gratitude of the Hungarian people”. There is no reliable information about the further fate of the marble statue that was sent to the Soviet Union. The limestone copy of the statue was unveiled on April 2, 1950 in Szabadság square. The 3 meter high, four member composition represents a workingclass family, where the children, a boy and a girl, the flower garland of gratitude wear. The sculpture group was removed from Szabadság in 1956 after the uprising. Artist Zsigmond Kisfaludi Strobl (1884-1975) is a two time winner of the Kossuth Prize, internationally known and recognized Hungarian sculptor. His art is extremely rich and educational over political subjects and national borders. He had a great talent for displaying movement, forming characters and grabbing symbols, but if the client wished, he also created ‘reality representative’ monuments. This is probably a study model or what was later donated to the town hall.

Statue Hungary The Hungarian People Are Grateful To The Great Stalin

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