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Size: 31.5cm./12.4inch.
Weight: 1800gr./63.4oz.


Statue of Lenin who is sitting at a desk with a book. The statue is made by Vladimir Sychev.
In 1960-1980-s Vladimir Sychev worked in monumental sculpture. For several decades he created over 300 works in bronze, granite and marble. Most notable, in particular, are high reliefs and bas-reliefs at metro stations “Frunzenskaya”, “Narva” and “Ploshchad Vosstaniya”. As well as a monument to SM Kirov at the Elektrosila plant, a bust of Lenin in the Tauride Palace, a sculptural composition and a light curtain In the Tauride Garden. Vladimir Sychev died in 1995, continuing to work until the last days. Unfortunately, in the post-Soviet years, many of his projects remained unrealized. However, the artist’s studio still keeps many sketches, models, busts, and small sculptural forms. Currently, in the creative workshop of his father, fruitfully works his son – sculptor Andrei Vladimirovich Sychev.

Statue Lenin Sitting At Desk With Book

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