Size big bertha: 9cm./3.5inch.
Size soldiers: 10.5cm./4.1inch.
Size Wilhelm: 10cm./3.9inch.
Weight big bertha: 71gr./2.5oz.
Weight soldiers: 63gr./2.2oz.
Weight Wilhelm: 59gr./2oz.


WWI porcelain statues The Kaiser Wilhelm I, Big Bertha, 2 Soldiers WWI.
After contacting the Emperor Franz Josef Museum, we were told the following about the statues: They are from the First World War. The 2 soldiers are a German and Austrian who were allies during the First World War. The soldiers themselves are not damaged, but the base does need a restoration.
Boy with Grenade, it’s a 42cm. grenade of the “Big Bertha” cannon, affectionately called “Der Brummer (The Hummer)” by the Germans because you could hear it hum in the distance. On the garnet with honorary flowers it says “42 cm 1914/15”. The Emperor Franz Josef Museum did not know about the statue of Emperor Franz Josef so it is quite rare.
He has the death wreath. On the back of the bust and statue are identical numbers, 8025. Bottom has very small chips. Franz Joseph I Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia, and monarch of other states of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, born 1848, died during the First World War in 1916. He was married to Empress Elisabeth the Queen of Hungary best known by the nickname Sisi.

Statues Germany Porcelain WWI Kaiser Wilhelm I, Big Bertha, 2 WWI Soldiers

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