Size box: 11.8×11.8cm./4.6×4.6inch.
Size medal: 8cm./3.1inch.
Weight: 192gr./6.7oz.

Table medal to commemorate the liberation of Tallinn Estonia. The plaque is in a piece of hard wood in it’s original box. The Attacking Soviet Army can be seen at the front, with “1941-1945” underneath. Made in 1984.
During World War II, Estonia was first occupied by the Red Army and annexed into the USSR in 1940, then occupied by Nazi Germany from 1941 to 1944. When German forces invaded there were about 1,000 remaining Jews in the city of Tallinn, nearly all of whom would die in the Holocaust at the hands of the Nazis before the war’s end. After the German retreat in 1944, the city was occupied again by the Soviets. After the annexation of Estonia into the USSR, Tallinn became formally “the capital city” of the Estonian SSR within the Soviet Union.

Table Medal Estonia Liberation Tallin Estonia 1984

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