Size: 24cm./9.4inch.


Porcelain KVP plate from 1955.
The Kasernierte Volkspolizei (German for Barracked People’s Police) was the precursor to the National People’s Army (NVA) in East Germany. Their original headquarters was in Adlershof locality in Berlin, and from 1954 in Strausberg in modern-day Brandenburg. They ceased to exist after 1956, having been transformed into the NVA.
In October 1948 the Soviet Military Administration in Germany formed the Alert Police (Bereitschaftspolizei), a force of armed units housed in barracks and trained in military fashion. The force consisted of forty units with 100–250 men each, the units being subordinated to provincial authorities. Many of the officers and men were recruited from among German POWs held in the Soviet Union.


Tableware DDR KVP 1955

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