Size: 7.5×6.5cm./2.9×2.5inch.
Weight: 47gr./1.6oz.


Tea glas holder is made of aluminium. With the inscription:”Volgograd”.
During the Russian Civil War, Stalin played a leading role in the fighting around this city. That is why the city was named after him in 1925.
Stalingrad became world famous for the decisive big battle for Stalingrad that was fought there during the Second World War.
Stalingrad became Wolgograd in 1961 during the period of liberalization and destalinization under Khrushchev. This name change met with much opposition from the Russian people, who considered the name Stalingrad from the Great Patriotic War more important than all the bad associations with the person of Stalin.

Tableware Soviet Russia Tea Glass Holder Volgograd

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