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Size: 93x46cm./36.6×18.1inch.
Weight: 33gr./1.1oz.

Albanian communist scarf used by the Labour Youth Union Of Albania. The text on the scarf reads:”We learn and work for the strengthening and protection of the homeland”. The Labour Youth Union of Albania was the youth organization of the Party of Labour of Albania. Founded on November 23, 1941 as the Communist Youth it was officially described as the “greatest revolutionary force of inexhaustible strength” and a “strong fighting reserve of the party” it was a key organization for political socialization in socialist Albania.
The union operated directly under the Party of Labour of Albania. The union was considered one of the most important auxiliaries of the party. Organized in the same way as the party, the union had city and district committees, and higher organs, including the politburo and Central Committee. It was patterned after All-Union Leninist Communist Youth League, known as Komsomol, in the Soviet Union.
It had 200.000 members in the range of 15 to 25 years old. it was dissolved in 1991.

Various Albania BRPSH Scarf

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