Size: 10.5x8cm./4.1×3.1inch.
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Patch from the DDR made for the Volkzpolizei (People’s Police) for the Abschnittsbevollmächtigter function (Section Representative). An Abschnittsbevollmächtigter (ABV) was a police officer of the Volkspolizei in the GDR. It was a kind of neighborhood/community police officer, which was responsible for a certain area.
The Abschnittsbevollmächtigter was the point of contact for both the citizens in that area and the Volkspolizei. The Abschnittsbevollmächtigter was also responsible for issuing court documents in its area. The Abschnittsbevollmächtigter also had to keep an eye on foreign visitors and prepare a report for the Ministry of State Security (the Stasi) whether a DDR citizen was allowed to go abroad.

Various DDR Patch Abschnittsbevollmächtigter Volkspolizei

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