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Size: 10.5x8cm./4.1×3.1inch.
Weight: 4gr./0.1oz.

Patch made in the DDR for the Betriebsschutz (Industrial Security) wich was part of the Volkspolizei (Poeple’s Police). In the GDR, industrial security was a branch of the People’s Police. Company security offices existed in companies of high (national) economic importance. For example the “LEUNA-Werke”, the “Eisenhüttenkombinat Ost” and the cement works in Rüdersdorf. The tasks of the “company guards” consisted in the prevention and detection of criminal offenses, in particular acts of theft on the premises of the company and the enforcement of order and security.

Various DDR Patch Betriebsschutz Polizei

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