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Weight: 130gr./4.5oz.

6th. World Youth Festival Moscow 1957 Perfume bottles in box. Sadly one bottle is missing. The text on the box reads:”6th. World Festival Of Youths And Students, Moscow, 1957″.
The 6th World Festival of Youth and Students was opened on 28 July 1957, in Moscow, Soviet Union. The festival attracted 34,000 people from 130 countries. This became possible after the political changes initiated by Nikita Khrushchev. It was the first World Festival of Youth and Students held in the Soviet Union.
A minor international incident was provoked around the attendance of left-wing Iraqi writer Ga’ib Tu’ma Farman at the festival. The Iraqi government revoked Farman’s citizenship while he was abroad, effectively stranding him in Moscow as a stateless person. This situation was resolved by the intervention of the Chinese delegation who agreed to officially invite Farman to Beijing. He went on to work for Foreign Languages Press.

Various Soviet Russia 6th. World Festival Of Youth Parfum Set 1957

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