Size: 61.5cm./24.2inch.
Weight: 630gr./22.2oz.

Russian Zeit Rocket. Handmade. Zenit is a Russian missile that was further developed in Ukraine after the fall of the Soviet Union. Very rare. Rocket is handmade and even the texts and drawings are painted by hand. Entirely made of aluminum. The intermediate piece is open and the rocket nozzles can be seen in between. The octagonal base has a diameter of 8.4 cm. Diameter of the rocket is 4 cm and the height no less than 61.5 cm and weighs 630 grams Built in the 1980s, Zenit is the last missile family developed by the Soviet Union. The plan was to have the Zenit take over the Soyuz’s manned spaceship launches, but these plans were abandoned after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s. Zenit is a space rocket designed by the Yuzhnoye Design Bureau of the Soviet Union, and further developed by the same design bureau since the early 1990s, but is now part of Ukraine.

Various Soviet Russia Handmade Zenith Rocket

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