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Size: 5x4cm./1.9×1.5inch.
Weight: 23gr./0.8oz.

Keychain from the Soviet Union. A miniature book with pictures. The text on the cover of the book reads:”Monuments of the architecture of Pushkin Park”. Pushkin Park is located in the centre of Saransk in Mordovia, Russia. Pushkin Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Saransk; its area is about 40 hectares. Alexander Pushkin was one of the greatest Russian writer and poet. Nowadays the park became a place of rest for people of different ages, interests and the main place to hold large events. Its shady avenues, clean air and good atmosphere attract visitors on weekends and week days. There are three main parts in this park: a rest zone, an attractions zone and an event zone. Pushkin Park has three main attractions. There are a big wheel, a brass band that plays every Sunday, and a train for little children and their parents.

Various Soviet Russia Keychain Pictures Pushkin Park

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