Size: 21.5×16.5cm./8.4×6.4inch.
Weight: 573gr./20.2oz.

Scene of tin figures with Lenin giving a speech at top of the armoured car during at Finland railway station in St. Petersburg (Leningrad). The text on the back of the frame reads:”Arrival At The Finnish Railway Station”.
A 3 dimensional painting with a very high finish. The figures are made of zinc and painted so beautifully, presumably with a 3-hair brush. If you look closely you can see the craftsmanship.
On the back, presumably after the departure of the Russians, the stamp was taped, which later fell off. It says here; Cultural-historical Zinnfiguren (Cultural and historical tin figures) It was made for or by the Pos Erich Weinert Enzianschule. Frame is made of oak
Russian revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin had been living in exile in Switzerland during the First World War. After the February Revolution he was permitted by the German authorities to travel via sealed train across German territory, take a ferry to Helsinki and thence a train to Petrograd, as Saint Petersburg was then known. Arriving at the city’s Finland Station he was met by a crowd of Bolshevik sympathisers and climbed onto the turret of an armoured car.
He rode the car to the Bolshevik headquarters at the Kshesinskaya Palace and delivered a speech in favour of Bolshevism and denouncing the moderate Mensheviks and Socialist Revolutionary Party. After the Russian Civil War, Lenin led the communist Soviet Union, but died of a stroke on 21 January 1924.

Wall Piece DDR Lenin’s Speech At Finland Railway Station St.Petersburg

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