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Size: 12.5x11cm./4.9×4.3inch.
Weight: 46gr./1.6oz.


Wallpiece from Bulgaria with the image of Georgi Dimitrov. The relief is amde of copper and could have been part of a larger ornament. Georgi Dimitrov Mihaylov (1882-1949) was a Bulgarian communist politician. He was the first communist leader of Bulgaria from 1946 to 1949. Dimitrov led the Communist International from 1935 to 1943.
Dimitrov died on 2 July 1949 in the Barvikha sanatorium near Moscow. The rising speculations that he had been poisoned have never been confirmed, although his health seemed to deteriorate quite abruptly. The supporters of the poisoning theory claim that Stalin did not like the “Balkan Federation” idea of Dimitrov and his closeness with Tito. Others, most notably Enver Hoxha, suppose that Dimitrov was poisoned by Nikitia Khrushchev, Anastas Mikoyan, and other anti-Stalinists in the Soviet leadership. After the funeral, Dimitrov’s body was embalmed and placed on display in Sofia’s Georgi Dimitrov Mausoleum. After the fall of Communism in Bulgaria, his body was buried in Sofia’s central cemetery in 1990. His mausoleum was torn down in 1999.

Wallpiece Bulgaria Georgi Dimitrov

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