Size: 50x40cm./19.6×15.7inch.
Weight: 1680gr./59.2oz.

WWI fallen German soldier on 22nd. of April 1916, Mondmeny, France.
Montmedy, a town north of the Verdun battlefield and behind German lines during most of WWI. In 1914 it was close to the fighting in the Battle of the Frontiers. Charcoal drawing of a soldier with a brush on his belt leaning on the back of a chair. At his left foot a tombstone with an iron cross and a crown of honor along the side. On the back an etiquette of art institute Bremen with a number above, below that a number with measures 40/50 then a number and below the date when it was made 30-07-1916.

Wallpiece Germany Fallen German Soldier WWI

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