Size: 65×55.5cm./25.5×21.8inch.
Weight: 3108gr./109.6oz.

Framed portrait deceased German soldier WWI. 106 years old. In the top there is an Iron Cross with crown. The text on the frame reads:”A Hero’s Death For The Fatherland, 1914″ and on the bottom:”At 24th. October In A Charge At Dendermonde”. A very young soldier. In the morning of September 4, Dendermonde fell into the hands of the advancing German army, which installed a true terror regime in Dendermond with summary executions, hostage-taking, looting and arson. Dendermonde was almost completely set on fire. It was possibly the darkest episode in more than 1000 years old Dendermond history. What was still a rich and economically important city in August 1914 was suddenly transformed into a socio-economically disadvantaged area, a ruin. Until the 1960s, fifty years later, people still lived in wooden temporary homes.

Wallpiece Germany Framed Portrait Fallen German WWI Soldier

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