Size: 26.5x29cm/10.4×11.4inch
Weight: 160gram/0.35lb.


This wallpiece is very old. Very well could be from the 30’s or 40’s. On the top it says:”October Revolution”. Beneath that there is a image of the Aurora. A ship wich played a important part of the revolution of 1917.
The ship was made in 1903 and most of the crew joined the Bolshevics who were preparing a communist revolution led by Lenin in 1917. The ship was in Leningrad and fired the first shot of the revolution in the direction of the Winter Palace signalling the start of the October revolution.
In WWII the guns was taken off the ship to use it for the defence of Leningrad. After the war the Aurora was a navy training vessel and later, till this day, a museum located at St. Petersburg (formaly known as Leningrad).

Wallpiece Soviet Russia Aurora October Revolution

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