Size: 16cm./6.2inch.
Weight: 516gr./1.1Pound


Wallpiece made of aluminum with copper layer. The image is that of a Bolshevik warrior on a horse. the text says:”For Soviet Power”. On the back there is a hammer and sickle with dates 1918-1968. To commemorate the Russian civil war.
The Russian Civil War was a multi party civil war in the former Russian Empire immediately after the two Russian Revolutions of 1917.
The two largest combatant groups were the Red Army, fighting for the Bolshevik form of socialism led by Vladimir Lenin, and the loosely allied forces known as the White Army, which included diverse interests favouring political monarchism, economic capitalism and alternative forms of socialism, each with democratic and anti democratic variants. In addition, rival militant socialists and non ideological Green armies fought against both the Bolsheviks and the Whites.
The Red Army eventually defeated the White Armed Forces of South Russia in Ukraine. Lesser battles of the war continued for two more years, and minor skirmishes with the remnants of the White forces in the Far East continued well into 1923. The war ended in 1923 in the sense that Bolshevik communist control of the newly formed Soviet Union was now assured, although armed national resistance in Central Asia was not completely crushed until 1934. There were an estimated 7-12 million casualties during the war, mostly civilians.

Wallpiece Soviet Russia Bolshevik Warrior On Horse 1968

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