Size: 41x23cm./16.1×9.05inch.
Weight: 714gr./25oz.


Unique big copper KGB shield. Very well and handmade. Modelled after the Coat of Arms of the KGB.
The KGB, translated in English as Committee for State Security, was the main security agency for the Soviet Union from 1954 until its break-u in 1991. Similar agencies operated in each of the republics of the Soviet Union aside from Russian SFSR, with many associated ministries, state committees and state commissions.
TheKGB agency was a military service governed by army laws and regulations, in the same fashion as the Soviet Army. Most of the KGB archives remain classified, two online documentary sources are available. Its main functions were foreign intelligence, counter intelligence, operative investigatory activities, guarding the State border of the USSR, guarding the leadership of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and the Soviet Government, organization and security of government communications as well as combating nationalism, dissent, and anti-Soviet activities.



Wallpiece Soviet Russia Copper KGB Shield

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