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Large copper shield on a wooden plate. On the right the calvary of the Red Army, on the left a book with part of a poem and the name of the author. The name of the author is Demyan Bedny.
The first major work of Russian poetry, reflecting the historical events of 1917, was Demyan’s poetic novel “About the land, about the legacy, about the working share.” The lines that ended on it were written on the day of the armed uprising in October.
Yefim Alekseevich Pridvorov, better known by his writer name Demyan Bedny, was a Soviet Russian poet, Bolshevik and satirist. Also in 1911, he published the poem “Of Demyan Bedny”, which led to him being known by that name, and began a private correspondence with Vladimir Lenin which was said to develop into a long-lasting personal friendship. He was a steadfast supporter of the Bolshevik cause throughout the Russian Revolution and Civil War, writing agitprop from the frontlines. For this he was decorated with the Order of the Red Banner in 1923, followed by the Order of Lenin in 1933. In the 1920s and 1930s, he was very popular and variously supported by the Soviet regime.
Bedny amassed one of the largest private libraries in the Soviet Union (over 30.000 volumes), from which Stalin was known to borrow books on occasion. His poem commemorating the Soviet victory on Nazi Germany was published in Pravda on May 3, 1945. Bedny died two weeks later, on May 19.

Wallpiece Soviet Russia Copper Shield Demyan Bedny

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