Size: 14.3cm./5.6inch.
Weight: 296gr./10.4oz.
Year: 1989


Large plaque 14cm. honorary shield Soviet Union, star with hammer and sickle, “Honor” laurel branch and “Power” oak branch 1989. Made of aluminum. The text on the back reads:”Kirovograd. Gathering Of Soldiers’ Mothers, 1989″.
The shield was created and awarded in memory of the Soldier Mothers’ Gathering of 1989 in the Ukrainian city of Kirovograd.
The organization was founded to protect the interests of soldiers. This gathering was most likely one of the last nationwide gathering. Still in the days of the Soviet Union as a state. A few years later, the country fell apart. Soldier mothers’ organizations still exist but now all separate by former republics.

Wallpiece Ukraine Soldiers Mothers Gathering 1989

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