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Size: 21.5×14cm./8.4×5.5inch.
Weight: 95gr./3.3oz.
Pages: 43
Year: 2007


Book made in Kazakhstan, 2007. The title of the book reads:”The road to the future is a bright road”. The book is written by Nursultan Nazarbayev.
Nursultan Abishuly Nazarbayev (1940) is a Kazakh politician and military officer who served as the first President of Kazakhstan, from the country’s independence in 1991 until his formal resignation in 2019. Nazarbayev was one of the longest ruling non royal leaders in the world, having led Kazakhstan for nearly three decades, excluding chairmanship in the Security Council after the end of his presidency.
In the country’s first direct presidential election, held in 1991, he appeared alone on the ballot with no opposing candidates and secured an overwhelming 98% of the vote. During Nazarbayev’s presidency, Kazakhstan experienced a rapid economic growth in 2000s, driven by high oil prices and market-oriented reforms, establishing the country as a prominent economic power in Central Asia.
Despite these accomplishments, challenges persisted due to widespread corruption and nepotism linked to Nazarbayev and his family, which hindered transparency and accountability, posing significant obstacles to Kazakhstan’s development. Over the course of Nazarbayev’s presidency, an increasing number of accusations of corruption and favoritism have been directed against Nazarbayev and his circle. Critics say that the country’s government has come to resemble a clan system. In May 2007, the Parliament of Kazakhstan approved a constitutional amendment which would allow Nazarbayev to seek re-election as many times as he wishes. This amendment applies specifically and only to Nazarbayev, since it states that the first president will have no limits on how many times he can run for office, but subsequent presidents will be restricted to a five-year term. In 2019 he resigned.

Book Kazakhstan Kazakhstan’s Strategy At The New Development Stage 2007

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