Size: 24x17cm./9.4×6.6inch.
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Pages: 270
Published: 1956


Polish propaganda magazine „Nowe Drogi” (New Roads) devoted to historic VIII Plenum Central Committee of the Polish United Workers Party no 10(88) Warsaw October 1956. With some water damage.
New Roads was a social and political magazine published by Organ Komitetu Centralnego Polskiej Zjednoczonej Partii Robotniczej (Organ of the Central Committee of the Polish United).
This magazin is a historic edition so called “polish October 1956”, Gomułka’s thaw – the Polish October was a consequence of Stalin’s death (March 1953) and the related changes in the USSR, the disclosure of Khrushchev’s secret report on Stalinist crimes delivered on February 25, 1956 at the 20th Congress of the CPSU, the death of Bolesław Bierut (March 1956), the events in Poznań (June 1956), a split in the ruling PZPR party and the coming to power of a new government team led by Władysław Gomułka.
The full texts of Gomułka’s paper and the speeches given at the VIII Plenum were published in the 10 (88) number of the PZPR Central Committee body – the monthly “New roads”.

Book Poland New Roads 1956

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