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Rectangular 7.8×5.3cm./3.07×2.09inch.
Weight: 25gr./1oz.


Unique propaganda fridge magnet, only available on Propagandaworld. The man with beard holding a rifle is made in 1941 by Viktor Koretsky. The magnet reads:”Our forces are numberless!”. Viktor Koretsky was one of the greatest propaganda artists, born 1909-1998. In the 2nd World War he made almost 40 propaganda posters with powerful images.
Koretsky made the first Soviet postal stamp dedicated to the great patriotic war in WWII when Germany invaded Russia. This stamp was based on his eponymous poster which was displayed along Moscow streets in June 1941 in the first weeks following the Nazi invasion.

Fridge Magnet Our Forces Are Numberless!

SKU: FM055
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