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Size: 10.5x9cm./4.1×3.5inch.
Weight: 300gr./10.5oz.


Copper (?) wallpiece made in Bulgaria. Origanally mounted on something but removed later. The text on the plaque reads:”To Assist The Defence”. The Defense Assistance Organization (DAO) is an organization for military applied sports that existed under different names in the periods 1947-1968 and 1977-1992. It was to increase increases the defense capability of the country by training conscripts and specialists for the needs of the Armed Forces in the country and carrying out methodical management of military technical training outside the system of the Bulgarian Army. For this purpose the organization develops and maintains clubs for military applied sports (sport shooting, parachuting, sports orienteering, etc.), clubs for military applied technical disciplines (radio telegraphy, radio orienteering, rocket modeling, ship modeling, etc.), training bases, and bearings, and others.

Wallpiece Bulgaria Defence Assistance Organization

€ 12,50Price

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