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Pages: 84
Realese date: 1978

Special and unique polish book. The titel reads:”A book of merits for the country’s Air Defense Forces”. Published by the Branch of propaganda and agitation of the political management of the country’s Air Defense Forces in 1978.
From the introduction of the book: “The party highly appreciates the efforts of commanders, the party and political apparatus, party organizations and the ZSMP, the entire professional staff and all soldiers in strengthening the strength and combat readiness of the Polish People’s Army, united by brotherhood of arms with the Soviet Army and with the armed forces of all Warsaw Pact countries. Edward Gierek First secretary of the Central Committee of the PZPR”.
The aim of the book was to: “Disseminate the successes and deeds of the leading Air Force soldiers so that they become a source of inspiration in shaping committed attitudes among soldiers, resulting from the need for active in the Polish community in the implementation of difficult and answered tasks facing the Air Forces … The profiles of the distinguished soldiers should be display in visual propaganda and use individual cards in the exhibition of tradition rooms or the chronicle of the individual.”.
The book contains names, photos and history of distinguished soldiers duties.

Book Poland Merits Air Defence Poland 1978

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